1. Focus
  2. Communications

Language is nuanced, and the words used to explain financial results and corporate events can be as important as the results themselves.

Messaging & PositioningMessaging & Positioning

A company’s core messages need to match with its strategy, financial results and market backdrop. This is a chance to take ownership of key messaging and shape a narrative that others will follow. We help our clients develop compelling stories and investor-facing brands that will appeal to the appropriate audience of investors. Our capability is based on decades of experience working with companies to establish their brands and competitive positions in the capital markets.

Financial Communications

As trusted advisors, we are deeply entrenched in our clients’ earnings process, providing both counsel on messaging and support in the drafting or editing of press releases, scripts and presentations. We also help to ensure our clients are adequately prepared to address key investor questions and concerns. Our full-cycle support during earnings season includes:

  • Review of sell-side estimates and key concerns;
  • Drafting and editing press releases;
  • Preparation of earnings scripts;
  • Development of presentations and related materials;
  • Guidance regarding disclosure;
  • Post-earnings outreach; and
  • Logistical support.

Special Situations

Various complex communications challenges arise for public companies that can impact valuation and reputation.  By working with our clients to demonstrate a command of the situation through active and well-scripted communications, we ensure an accurate representation of the facts and the best possible basis for further engagement with key stakeholders.

Our expertise in non-routine communications includes the following areas:

  • Crisis communications
  • Corporate restructurings
  • Capital raises
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Shareholder activism

Corporate ReputationCorporate Reputation

A strong corporate reputation that addresses key investor concerns around environmental and social responsibility and corporate governance is a gating matter for more and more investors— not a “nice to have,” but a “must do.”  We also work with companies to review and analyze their vulnerabilities. We also help to identify and work alongside outside counsel and other external specialist advisors on a range or matters related to corporate reputation.  In doing so, our clients ensure that their core values are brought forth in their investor-facing messages.

Creative & DigitalCreative & Digital

People consume content in various formats across diverse media, and content can reinforce a company’s narrative. Rose & Company executes both conventional and forward-thinking strategies to ensure our clients’ stories resonate and are amplified across the correct channels in the most efficient manner.


Working alongside internal design teams or third-party creative firms, we help to develop corporate presentations that highlight our clients’ value proposition and effectively articulates their strategy in a cogent, accessible manner.

In our experience, messages can get stale quickly and need to evolve to changing market dynamics and investor sentiment. We consistently monitor the various factors effecting a company’s narrative and ensure that all investor-facing materials contain fresh content and highlight compelling investment themes.


We work with our clients to develop strategies for approaching digital communications to take ownership of key messaging and develop investor- facing brands. Investors are increasingly going online to conduct primary research, and it is critical to establish a clear strategy for attracting and retaining this audience.

A company’s website has in essence become its online storefront, constantly selling to an investor audience. We help our clients build their online investor-facing brands using various platforms and tools, and then use data to evaluate and adapt strategies as we go along. Social media also offers tremendous platforms to build company awareness, target specific audiences and build thought leadership.