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Rose & Company was founded in reaction to market changes that have fundamentally disrupted the manner in which corporations engage with current and prospective shareholders.


A changing landscape needs a new set of strategies and tactics.  The constant is the need for independent perspectives from experienced capital markets professionals; professionals who hold themselves accountable to a higher standard and serve the interests of the client only.   This is our mission, and the only true measurement of our success is the success of our clients.

Global MarketsGlobal Markets

It is becoming far more prevalent for investors to evaluate businesses in relation to their global peer group.  An investor in New York goes to work wearing clothes designed in France and manufactured in Asia, and buys shares in a company headquartered in Switzerland.  Globalization of trade has been stimulating the evolution of multinational companies from regional enterprises.  The globalization of capital markets has also permanently altered the capital markets from strictly regional to global.

Structural change

Investment banks have traditionally provided research and marketing support to companies, subsidized by commissions paid by investors. Due to regulatory changes and the resulting diminished revenue stream, banks may no longer offer the same level of resources.  Engagement with existing and prospective investors is increasingly the responsibility of the company.

Digital media revolution

The changes over the last decade in how society communicates have been unprecedented; the mail box has been replaced by an inbox, the annual report by a website, and traditional media like the WSJ have been forced to embrace a digital platform or face irrelevancy.  Individuals have access to share thoughts and opinions with millions around the world in real time.  All it takes is a Facebook page or Twitter account.