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Rose & Company is a unique strategic advisory and communications firm staffed by a team of senior level professionals with decades of experience delivering tangible results and a differentiated understanding of the capital markets dynamics from buy-side, sell-side and legal perspectives.

Rose & Company is a sales and marketing organization disguised as an investor relations firm

We work with our clients to evaluate, define, and execute strategies to develop and maintain relationships with long-only institutional investors, particularly those that are difficult to access through traditional bank-sponsored corporate access.  While some may call us an investor relations firm, Rose & Company is a sales and marketing organization at heart, and we deploy a team of highly-experience institutional equity salespeople to market our clients to the investment community.  By employing a consistent, disciplined approach grounded in feedback and follow through, we maximize our client’s marketing resources by targeting and engaging with only the most relevant investors in order to enhance their shareholder base and drive valuation.


We have purposefully built our team, consistently hiring highly-accomplished institutional equity sales people with decades of experience and relationships. We are staffed to help our clients with messaging, communications and strategic matters, but our overarching purpose is to act as our clients’ de facto institutional equity sales team. Our unique understanding of capital markets dynamics is based on the diverse perspectives of accomplished investor relations and corporate communications professionals and institutional salespeople with decades of experience at the world’s largest banks.


Old is New Again – Repurposing the Institutional Equity Sales Model for Investor Relations