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Our unique approach begins with a comprehensive analysis of competitive positioning and our client's historical investor marketing activities. What follows is, disciplined, impactful execution with tactics that adapt as conditions change.

Strategic Review

As we learn a client’s business strategy and goals, we simultaneously commence an independent assessment of market perception, competitive strength, and history in the capital markets. Our goal is to determine the elements of a comprehensive program that will maximize investor awareness, generate investor response, and ultimately lead to increased market value and trading liquidity.

Onboarding Call

Identify goals and key challenges to lay the foundation for a successful strategic plan

Due diligence

Rigorous internal review to understand historical developments, practices and investor marketing activities

Messaging Review

Thorough review of marketing and financial presentations to evaluate how the investment proposition is being presented

Industry Analysis

Understand key drivers, themes, benchmarks and sentiment in client’s industry and adjacent industries


The scope of our investor marketing program is based on a client’s unique characteristics, goals, and resources and our assessment of what we think is achievable. The common element is our consideration of the market backdrop and shifting investor sentiment. This ensures that we can quickly help to adapt a client’s underlying narrative and change or expand the target audience at the right time.

Message development

Based on our assessment of a client’s investment proposition and target audience, we may recommend changes to messaging prior to further marketing

Fact Sheet Creation

A fact sheet will be created to be used during outreach efforts and on an ongoing basis to facilitate client marketing

Marketing Calendar

We will highlight the best windows for marketing, taking into account corporate calendar, other marketing commitments and the industry calendar


Using a proprietary platform, a list of investor targets will be developed based on a custom defined peer group that is agnostic to sector


We are relentless and constantly seek to introduce our clients to high-quality institutional investors and develop lasting relationships. It’s a process that is ongoing in nature, despite being anchored by non-deal roadshows (virtual or otherwise). By helping our clients maintain consistent connectivity with the investment community, we are better able to act quickly on feedback, prioritize investor targets and help our clients convert targets into shareholder.

Investor Outreach

Our sales team is focuses on securing our clients meetings with decision-makers at long-only investment management firms

Initial round of meetings

Client and investor are both prepped and meetings are hosted by member of Rose & Co team


A feedback report is sent with a summary of key topics covered, notes from each meeting and unfiltered feedback collected after each meeting


After each round of meetings, actions steps are defined, key messages are evaluated and investor targets are reprioritized

Case Studies

Our approach has repeatedly helped companies more effectively engage with institutional investors and enhance their investor relations programs.