1. Services
  2. Capital Markets

Our senior team has collectively advised on over $25 billion in transactions across a wide range of geographies. The service we can provide to our clients is predicated on a deep understanding of issuance dynamics – from structural considerations to syndicate building to execution.


We offer our clients strategic advice to help them prepare for both private and public offerings, either working alongside lawyers, accountant and investment bankers or acting as an unconflicted sounding board with our clients’ best interests in mind.

As part of the “deal team,” we can proactively address key investor concerns and prepare our clients for life after the transaction closes when the support provided by investment banking and capital markets teams transitions. We help our clients manage their capital markets presence through a variety of initiatives, including active outreach and financial communications programs.

Pre-IPO Advisory

Rose & Company can assist a prospective issuer throughout all phases of an offering cycle from evaluating structure and exchange to execution. We offer various services to help companies prepare for offerings, including:

  • Advising on listing options and security structure;
  • Developing key investment themes and messages;
  • Refining corporate presentations;
  • Providing introductions to investment bankers and research analysts;
  • Evaluating and recommending syndicate structure;
  • Advising on allocation structure; Proving independent advice throughout the press; and
  • Preparing an outreach and communications strategy following the transaction.

Pre-IPO Communications

Before a company files its registration statement and enters a “quiet period,” there is an opportunity to establish its brand in the market.

For a company that does not have a well-established presence in the market, there is a significant benefit to developing a baseline of communications to create a precedent for normal course of business communications that can continue through the various stages of an offering. These actions can help to build awareness ahead of a potential initial public offering.

Rose & Company is intimately familiar with the regulatory framework around securities offerings and can help create a communications plan to be executed prior to the offering. We also can create a strong foundation for ongoing financial communications after the offering, including investor website development, implementing earnings best practices and launching a social media presence.


Companies undergoing transitions that may have unfavorable consequences for various stakeholders have inherent communications challenges. We have consistently assisted our clients with identifying key constituents, understanding their concerns, and developing comprehensive communications strategies to address these audiences before, during and after corporate restructuring. We work closely with management teams and their outside advisors to create a continuity of messages and also to plan for unanticipated changes.